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Clifden Kennels Dog Boarding Facilities


Clifden Kennels are set in the most spectacular and unique surroundings, just outside Clifden, County Galway, serving Clifden, Connemara, Galway, Mayo and further a field if you wish to have you dog stay with us.

Dog Kennels

When designing the layout of our kennels we opted for quality of care rather than quantity of dogs we can cater for and have 6 standard size dog kennels and 4 double double size dog kennels.

None of our dog kennels face each other, therefore none of our boarding dogs get upset or stressed by dogs staying directly opposite them.

As Ireland currently has no legislation governing the control of boarding kennels, standards across the country vary greatly, we therefore used the British legal requirements as a guideline and also became a member of the Irish Boarding Kennels and Cattery Association, whose primary function is to set boarding kennel standards and ensure they are maintained.

We provide individual Kong chews for each dog, whilst in the kennel.

We provide dog beds and dog bedding, but feel free to bring your dogs own bed if you prefer.

We provide bowls for food and water.

Individual Outside Dog Runs

Each kennel has access to an out side run, twice the size of the kennel. Each run is covered and sheltered to give your dog the opportunity to be outside, whatever the weather.

Communal Free Running Dog Paddock

Each dog run has access to a free running dog paddock, a secure area where dogs can socialise, play and exercise, all off lead. We find that socialising with the other dogs in the boarding kennel, helps to settle your own dog into the boarding environment, as they get to know the other dogs they can smell.

There are toys, agility obstacles and plenty of smelling and sniffing to be done.

All free running dog sessions are supervised and all dogs are assessed before being allowed to free run with the other dogs.

Dog Shower

Dogs that get excessively mucky whilst playing will avail of our dog shower, you can request that your dog is washed prior to collection if you so wish.


Each kennel is heated individually, and when necessary the heating goes on.



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