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Clifden Kennels - Kennel Cough

One of the risk factors of boarding a dog in a kennel environment is Kennel Cough. This term is commonly used to describe the cough caused by inflammation of the windpipe (trachea) and the lower airways in the chest, the bronchi, an upper respiratory infection.  Kennel Cough can be caused by viruses (e.g. canine parainfluenza virus) and whilst this infection is usually not fatal, it can be difficult to treat and can sometimes lead to a secondary infection, which can be dangerous. The infection can spread through boarding kennels and in other areas where dogs socialise.  The symptoms are a “honking” cough, sometimes a dog will cough up mucus, a discharge down the nose, difficulty breathing. If pneumonia occurs as a complication the disease can even be fatal. The incubation period is 3-10 days (average 6 days) so a dog may not show signs for several days after exposure.

Although ‘Kennel Cough’ is the lay persons description of the condition, be mindful that this is a condition that can be picked up anywhere; your dog just has to come into contact with another infected dog. It is just that kennels generally are susceptible to outbreaks due to the high number of dogs in one place.

Fortunately there is a vaccination that is available from the veterinary surgery and all reputable kennels will insist on this vaccination prior to admittance to a kennel environment.

 It is worth considering the kennel cough vaccination as a regular treatment, as boarding may not always be required for an event planned well in the future, but for a sudden illness or bereavement, when the last thing you were expecting to do today was kennel your dog. The kennel cough vaccination not only protects you dog, but act as an insurance against the unexpected and gives you peace of mind that come what may, at least your dog can be catered for.

It is the policy of Clifden Kennels to refuse entry to any dog that does not have a valid vaccination certificate.

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