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Clifden Kennels - What to Bring

Whilst we can provide everything your dog will need whilst boarding with us, you may prefer to bring along some, or even all of your dogs favourite toys, dog blankets and dog chews.

However, we do feel that that is unnecessary, and generally on old t-shirt or jumper of yours with your scent on, is more that enough.

Dog Vaccination Record

It is absolutely necessary to bring along your dogs current vaccination certificate, as the welfare of your dog plus all the other dogs that are boarding at Clifden Kennels is paramount and we have to 100% certain that your dogs vaccinations are up to date.

It is the policy of Clifden Kennels to refuse entry to any dog that does not have a valid vaccination certificate.

Special Dog Diet

We feed all our boarding dogs with Red Mills Complete, unless you have a specific dietary requirement. In this case we will feed your dog to your exact instructions using dog food provided by yourself.


If your dog is required to maintain a course of medical treatment whilst boarding at Clifden Kennels, you will need to bring enough to cover the duration of your dogs stay.