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Dog Breeding Establishment Bill 2009...

..has been published and is awaiting due process to be passed in to law. Primarily designed to control the unregulated practice of dog breeding in Ireland, which has gained the unenviable title of  ' Puppy Farm Capital of Europe' , there are also amendments to the 'Control of Dogs Act 1986', which has implications for Boarding Kennels and dog owners alike.

Clifden Kennels welcomes the proposed bill and amendments as it endeavors to lead the way in Best Practice and Standards in an unregulated industry.


When looking to board your dog, there is more to it than just price. If an establishment has no planning permission, professional affiliation or insurance, the chances are they are just out to make a quick buck and the best interest of your pet is not top of their priority list.

Check out the Bills....


                CONTROL OF DOGS ACT (AMENDMENT), 1992