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Clifden Kennels - Other Dog Services

At Clifden Kennels we understand that not all boarding requirements are for those going away on holiday, therefore we offer boarding services to cater for the following:-

Convalescence following an illness or accident.

I know only too well how difficult it can be if you dog has been involved in an accident or had surgery due to illness and the recovery process requires complete rest. Depending on the injury or illness your dog could be expected to rest up to 6 weeks.

The worry is, how can I ensure that my dog is getting the rest he requires or doesn't take a turn for the worse, while I'm at work, without taking the time off, you can't.

If your dog boards with us, we will liaise with your own vet, to ensure your dog receives the exact care required for a speedy recovery.

Health kick starts, break those poor diet no exercise habits.

Unfortunately, as we humans have become more sedentary in our work and play, obesity is now not just the preserve of our species, our dogs are suffering to and at great expense to their health.

However, breaking the habit can be difficult and sometimes a treat to appease the lack of exercise works, in the short term.

Whilst at Clifden Kennels, your dog will receive an exercise and diet program, suitable for their condition, with an ongoing maintenance program.

We also include exercises that you can do with your dog and offer practical advice on how to exercise your dog if you are unable get out for a few days.

Emergency boarding, generally last minute, due to owner illness or family bereavement.

There are times when boarding you dog was the last thing you expected to do today and we can help if you need to board you dog at short notice. We operate an isolation unit for dogs that do not have the necessary vaccinations and will initiate a vaccination program whilst in our care.

We will only board dogs short notice on the understanding that they will be vaccinated whilst in our care, if a current vaccination certificate is not available.

Anything we may have forgotten!!

If you have any special requirements for boarding your dog that we have not covered, please contact us and we will be only to happy to discuss your dog boarding needs.